The world’s most secure and compliant crypto-fiat exchange

XREX is a regulated and government-backed exchange that partners with international banks to support access to fiat money and cryptocurrencies access, including US Dollar (USD), USDT, Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), XRP, BCH, and more.

Equal and fair



XREX exchange supports USD, USDT, Bitcoin, and more to help you participate and contribute to the global economy equally and fairly.

Safe and easy



Buy, sell and convert crypto and fiat money with ease. XREX partners with banks, regulators, and verified users to ensure all transactions are safe, fast, and accountable.




XREX provides competitive rates and speed to all verified users and helps everyone unlock the full potential in the global market.

What do our users say

It's a pleasant experience to trade on XREX because the interface is super friendly for beginners like me. XREX is a regulated and secure platform that I will recommend to all my friends to protect their digital assets from scams and fraud.

Shubhayan Mukherjee


How to cash out crypto is always a headache to crypto investors. Supports of USD on XREX make things easier to withdraw funds to my bank accounts.

Souvik Tripathy

Cryptocurrency Consultant

XREX is the first crypto platform where I started buying BTC and ETH. As a crypto novice, XREX makes things super easy and safe. This makes me feel more confident to try other features like staking and BitCheck.

Liz Fun

Enterprise Consultant

As a crypto miner, I‘ve heard many crypto exchanges being hacked. Security is always a priority for me. XREX is run by a team of experienced cybersecurity experts with the ability to defend and attack. I am comfortable putting my crypto assets at XREX.


Crypto Miner

Why XREX Exchange

Buy and sell crypto

As a responsible and regulated fiat-crypto exchange, XREX carefully examines coins and tokens before listing them to ensure that users do not trade or use coins with no utility or inherent value.
XREX supports USD, USDT, USDC, BTC, ETH, XRP, BCH, SOL, DOT, MKR, LINK, and more.

Crypto swap to USD

XREX has built comprehensive partnerships with global banking partners to provide secure and efficient fiat gateways.
Users can swap BTC and cryptocurrencies to USD, and withdraw funds directly to bank accounts worldwide.

Instant conversion

Convert crypto-to-fiat, crypto-to-crypto, and fiat-to-crypto all at your fingertips.
Enjoy the deep liquidity and exchange rates on XREX.

A seamless trading experience

It’s not too much to ask for a secure, easy, inexpensive, and timely trading experience. That’s exactly what XREX crypto-fiat exchange delivers.

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XREX exchange leverages TradingView technology to display trading data and charts (such as BTC/USDT trading pair and more), allowing cryptocurrency traders and investors to utilize advanced technical analysis such as RSI, BOLL, and MACD for making well-informed trading decisions.

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