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Fight the bear with XREX’s New 1x Margin Short Feature!

Users on the XREX Exchange can now trade the market in any direction with the new XREX 1x Margin Short feature. Besides holding spot positions, the XREX platform now allows users to open short positions to hedge their risks in a bearish market. This allows users to take advantage of both market directions, instead of trading in a single, long direction.

We want XREX users to be able to do this in a safe and responsible way. Hence, instead of high-leveraged positions with extremely high risks to being liquidated, our short feature only allows 1x margin position mainly for hedging purposes. By doing so, users can start learning about other trading features and protect themselves from the risk of being over-leveraged while taking a short position.

The XREX short feature takes an isolated margin, meaning that each short position will have its own collateral and is isolated from other positions.

Currently, the short feature is only available on BTC/USDT and ETH/USDT pairs. XREX will constantly evaluate more coin pairs to onboard this feature.

Things to take note of before short trading

  • Complete a simple assessment before you start trading
  • Short trading carries unlimited risk. As always, manage your risk while trading
  • Turn on your notification for the XREX app, it is important to receive timely notifications in case of a margin call on your short position

How to execute a short trade

XREX short sell feature FAQ

We hope you would enjoy this feature as much as we have enjoyed building it. Happy trading!

The XREX team