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The Prayagraj Release: The Merge of XREX and Tradn Apps Brings Unity and Strength

We are proud to announce that today, July 19, 2021, the Prayagraj release has successfully launched to merge XREX and Tradn apps — two XREX flagship products!

The Prayagraj release has successfully launched to merge XREX and Tradn apps — two XREX flagship products.
The Prayagraj release has successfully launched to merge XREX and Tradn apps — two XREX flagship products.

This merge is intended to create a secure, seamless, and fast trading platform with the world’s only fiat-crypto exchange which supports both USD and INR. XREX also provides 數位支票 BitCheck, an instant and secure online escrow service for cross-border business and global transactions, and offers the lowest counterparty risk for online trading and sending funds. We are the world’s most secure exchange platform against hacking, fraud, and illegal activities, and have more offerings to come in our product pipeline.

Prayagraj is a city located in North Indian state Uttar Pradesh, also known as Allahabad. Two sacred rivers Ganges and Yamuna merge in Prayagraj.

“We are humbled to inherit the spirit of unity from Prayagraj. We believe the merge of the XREX and Tradn apps will unite and strengthen our user base and better serve our users in emerging economies, including India, Africa, South America, and the Middle East.” said Wayne Huang, co-founder and CEO of XREX.

Users of both XREX and Tradn apps can now be active on the new XREX app with their original accounts. Included in the Prayagraj release are social and community features such as Profile & Contacts and XREX 俱樂部, a brand new social trading experience that will help users connect with more people, expand their networks, and grow their businesses.

The release of XREX 俱樂部 means that our popular product feature MyXchange has retired after winning merit. We deeply appreciate the support of pioneering MyXchange owners from all over the world, including India, Thailand, Vietnam, Argentina, Dubai, Turkey, Nigeria, Hong Kong, and many other countries. We’ve learned a lot from XREX, MyXchange, and Tradn users through data studies and user interviews. The Prayagraj release and XREX 俱樂部 further respond to our users’ needs for a seamless trading experience, social interaction, recurring revenues, and financial inclusion.

To know more about XREX 俱樂部, please visit https://links.xrex.io/xrex-circles.

We are committed to delivering the best user experience. The Prayagraj release is an important step forward, and we are excited to continue serving our users with new and improved features in the near future. Enjoy trading with XREX!

Together, we grow and go beyond.

The XREX team



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