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XREX Earn: A guide to calculating and redeeming rewards

In times of high volatility in crypto markets, many choose to lower risk and stake assets; this provides a chance to continue earning yield while sitting out rough market conditions. XREX Earn allows you to do that by staking USDT on “XREX Rewards” and via “DeFi Staking” with an option to stake other assets in the near future.

The difference between XREX Rewards and DeFi Staking lies in staking platforms and the rate of yield generation. The timeframe for which staked assets are counted toward reward yield is the same for XREX Rewards and DeFi Staking.

As staking rewards are calculated daily at 00:00 UTC+0 (5:30 am India time), all staked assets will only start counting then, and rewards will be available 24 hours later. In short, make sure your assets are staked before midnight at UTC+0 to reduce delay.

1. When do I start receiving rewards? How is it tabulated and how do I receive it?

Scenario: Suresh staked 10,000 USDT on XREX Rewards at 5:00 pm India time (UTC+5:30) on 20 May; “Processing” will be displayed on his screen. When does staking start, and when will he receive rewards?

Start of staking: At 5:30 am India time the next day — 21 May — the staking status will be changed to “Success.”

Receiving rewards: At 5:30 am India time on 22 May, Suresh will receive his first reward, deposited directly into his XREX wallet.

As long as Suresh stakes before 5:30 am India time on 21 May, he will receive his first reward on 22 May.

2. How will rewards be calculated if I redeem part of my staked assets?

Scenario: After staking for a while, Suresh decided to redeem 2,000 USDT on 28 May, 2 pm India time. How will rewards be calculated?

At 5:30 am India time on 29 May, Suresh will still receive rewards based on his initial staked 10,000 USDT. He will also receive his redeemed 2,000 USDT.

At 5:30 am India time on 30 May, Suresh will start receiving rewards for the remaining staked amount of 8,000 USDT.

3. How will rewards be calculated if I increase my staked assets?

Scenario: After staking 8,000 USDT, Suresh decided to stake more as he enjoys receiving daily rewards. He decided to stake an additional 5,000 USDT on 2nd June, 2 pm India time. How will his rewards be calculated?

At 5:30 am India time on 3 June, Suresh will receive rewards based on his 8,000 USDT staked amount (calculated as of 2 June 5:30 am India time). His additional 5,000 USDT will also commence staking. His total staked amount is now 13,000 USDT

At 8 am India time on 4 June, Suresh will start receiving rewards based on his new staked amount of 13,000 USDT.

4. How do I track my rewards?

Select “Earn” on the main page, followed by My Portfolio. All your staked assets on various projects under XREX Rewards and DeFi Staking will be shown. Select projects to see a breakdown of all rewards received.

You can also select the icon on the top right and view the history of all rewards distributed on XREX Rewards.

5. What are the fees required for redemption?

There are no fees involved when you redeem your staked assets under XREX Rewards. For DeFi Staking, there will be fees that are charged by the DeFi projects that you choose to stake with. Currently, the redemption fee on DeFi Staking is a flat rate of 10 USDT.

XREX Rewards helps generate rewards on your crypto assets passively without worry. Receive daily rewards with an option to redeem anytime with no lock-in period and no redemption fees. It’s easy to navigate and highly flexible to suit your staking needs. XREX will continue to onboard safe and reliable staking projects with different crypto assets, allowing you to build a diversified portfolio.

Note: All rewards are disbursed at midnight UTC+0 time or 5:30 am India time. However, under abnormal circumstances due to system and network factors, there may be a delay of up to one hour. If you have yet to receive your reward by 6:30 am India time, please reach out to us via the app, or at support@xrex.io. We will do our utmost to see to your request.