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XREX is rebranding with a new logo and brand identity

We are excited to launch a new XREX logo as part of the ongoing evolution of our brand.

XREX reveals its new logo and brand identity which visualize its vision to redefine banking together.

A new collective financial system is also in the making. XREX, a neo-fintech company, is dedicated to bridging traditional banks and crypto financial innovations to further connect advanced economies and emerging markets.

Born in 2018, the XREX team has made several milestones in terms of product developments, market expansion, acquiring regulatory approvals, and fundraising. We believe it’s time to tell our story with a new identity, one that reflects who we are today and crystalizes our dynamic future.

What is new?

In the XREX brand, X stands for “exchange” and “transaction”; REX means “king” in Latin. It is our ambition and passion to be the best in driving financial inclusion and redefining banking.

The symmetry and balance demonstrated on the new XREX logo symbolize stability, security, and inclusivity built by the XREX team for merchants in emerging markets, including India, Africa, South America, Southeast Asia, and beyond.

The blue in our logo is commonly found in nature and brings a sense of stability, calmness, friendliness, and trust. On the recently launched XREX official website, this color comes alive paired with a vibrant yellow, which brings hope, joy, creativity, and vitality.

XREX recently launched its new brand website.

The combination of blue and yellow exhibits the persona of XREX, an edgy yet friendly blockchain startup that offers easy access to everyone so that they can benefit from cryptocurrency and advanced technologies.

What is coming?

Over the past few years, by developing a full suite of blockchain-driven solutions, including XREX crypto-fiat exchange, 數位支票 BitCheck, XREX 俱樂部, Risk Level Detector, and more, XREX has bridged gaps in security, trust, cost, and speed in the existing financial system.

In March 2022, XREX will launch its new homepage on both web and app platforms, featuring a big improvement in usability and much easier access to the full suite of platform services. Furthermore, four new tokens will be listed for users who are interested in diversifying their digital asset portfolios and participating in different blockchain projects.

Another exciting feature is Earn, where XREX users can start staking safely through XREX and participate in Defi projects examined by our world-class cybersecurity team. All XREX users can stake with ease to earn recurring rewards. Stay tuned for more details closer to the launch!

What is unchanged?

Our vision remains unchanged. XREX’s co-founders Wayne Huang and Winston Hsiao were inspired to act as a result of observing the dollar shortage, payment, and remittance issues in emerging economies.

Things unchanged are:

  • We strive to serve cross-border merchants in emerging economies
  • We are unwaveringly committed to security and compliance
  • We build a collective financial system through community power
XREX’s new logo animation drives home the ideas behind our new brand identity.

We strive to serve cross-border merchants in emerging economies

Backed by the Taiwan government’s National Development Fund, XREX leverages Taiwan’s strong U.S. Dollar holdings to solve dollar shortage issues in developing countries such as India. XREX also bridges countries for business payments and international remittances with stablecoins, such as USDT.

蕭滙宗, co-founder and Chief Revenue Officer at XREX, lived in India since he was 15. After graduating from India’s Savitribai Phule Pune University, Winston started his cross-border trading business between Taiwan, India, and many developing countries. With nearly two decades of cross-border trading experience, Winston realizes the best application scenarios of blockchain technology are in emerging markets, especially for Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSME).

“Deal matches happen at all times and many cross-border transactions are triangular,” Hsiao said.“This perfectly reflected on the two triangle symbols in our new logo. We are dedicated to accelerating international trades and onboarding merchants to the XREX platform — which is secure, trustworthy, and timely.”

We are unwaveringly committed to security and compliance

Run by a world-class cybersecurity team with decades of combined experience and led by XREX co-founder and CEO Wayne Huang who is an internationally recognized cybersecurity expert, XREX upholds security and compliance as its core foundation.

“Compliance and regulation are unavoidable for the crypto industry’s long-term and sustainable development,” Huang said. “The XREX platform is part of a new financial ecosystem that fosters trust; we don’t want to serve any bad actors.”

Building a collective financial system through community power

XREX endeavors to drive financial inclusion and build a collective financial system that empowers all to participate and contribute to the global economy. In this ecosystem, community and trust are two major elements. Social features on the XREX platform such as Profile, Contacts, and XREX Circles all bring a strong sense of belonging and community power.

The two circles on the new XREX logo stand for community and inclusion. Blockchain and crypto are for good, and for all. We hope to bring warmth and humanity to technology and innovation.

The symmetry and balance demonstrated on the new XREX logo (right) symbolize stability, security, and inclusivity.

We are proud to announce this rebranding program and our new logo. We thank our users, investors, colleagues, and all friends for supporting XREX continuously. We have a strong faith that crypto is for good; we will continue to realize the spirit that our new logo represents and deliver inclusive financial access to everyone at every corner of the world.

Let’s redefine banking together!



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