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XREX Referral Interface Level Up: Invite Friends and Earn up to 20% Trading Fees!

With our new refreshed dashboard and earning up to 20% of trading fees from your referrals, there are now more reasons for you to share your love for the XREX exchange with your friends and family!

At XREX, we are committed to providing the best crypto experience for you. We want you to be part of our growth journey and help make it fun and rewarding when you recommend XREX to your loved ones. That’s why we have launched our new referral interface, which lets you check your referrers and see the commission at one glance.

Here’s how it works:

Create Your Referral Code

First, create your unique referral code. You can choose to customize your referral code to make it more personal, or simply let the system generate one for you.

Decide Your Commission Level

You get to decide how much you want to share the trading fee commission with your referee. You can choose to share 0%, 5%, 10%, or the full 20% of the trading fees commission with your referee!

Share Your Referral Code!

Personalize your referral with an invitation message before sending it out.

Track Your Referral and Commission

Once you have created your referral code, you can track its performance on the referral dashboard. You can see how many people have signed up using each of your referral codes and track how much you have earned in trading fee commission! You can also choose to activate or deactivate any of your referral codes.

The XREX referral program is an easy and hassle-free experience to earn more while you and your friends trade on the XREX fiat-crypto exchange. With our referral program, you can:

– Customize your referral code

– Decide how much you want to share with your referee

– Track your referral code performance

– Monitor your trade fee commission

It’s just that simple and easy! Thank you for your support and growing with XREX, one of the world’s safest and most trusted fiat-crypto exchanges. We will continue to provide you with more tools to help you succeed in your crypto journey!

The XREX team


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