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XREX Forays into Web3 by Launching its First NFT — Shakti Tigers

Today, we are excited to announce that XREX has launched its first NFT collection, Shakti Tigers! This collection marks our first step into creating a universe of financial inclusion, and grants users ownership with the web3 spirit.

To mark this important juncture, we want to celebrate and honor pioneers who have believed in us since the beginning of our journey.

At first glance, ownership of a digital asset in a “jpeg” NFT may sound like a frivolous marketing endeavor. However, for a blockchain neo fintech like XREX, we see immense value in NFT as a technology with actual applications for ownership, membership, certification, and many more utilitarian possibilities.

Most XREX users are cross-border merchants, working professionals, and small and medium enterprises in emerging economies. We’ve onboarded them to the XREX platform and empowered them to leverage blockchain and cryptocurrencies for international transfers and business payments. Today, we are excited to bring them into the web3 world of NFTs by airdropping Shakti Tigers to a special group of users and XREX’s earliest team members.

XREX has come a long way since its founding in late 2018. We owe our success to our early users and team members who believed in our financial inclusion mission and worked hard with us to make this vision a reality.

Being our first collection and having only 100 minted NFTs, Shakti Tigers symbolize exclusive membership on the XREX platform. As such, their owners will have access to more valuable future features.

We are also working on our second collection of XREX NFTs, with more such unique projects in the pipeline. We can’t wait to explore more opportunities that create value for our users in the blockchain movement to redefine banking together!

About the collection

Shakti (शकटी) originates from the Sanskrit word śakti, meaning “power and divine energy.”

The Shakti Tigers collection is XREX’s genesis NFT series. It embodies the power and energy that drives creation. For XREX, it symbolizes creating a social banking metaverse that supports our mission to redefine banking together.

Inspired by the web3 spirit, Shakti Tigers symbolizes a collective effort empowering everyone with access to borderless financial services. It’s a testament to our vision and appreciation of our pioneering users for partnering with us in this financial inclusion movement.

Shakti Tigers features artwork created by emerging Taiwanese artists Via Chou and Paul Yeh. We’re deeply grateful to them for bringing to life our concept of a multi-cultural ecosystem set in the metaverse, with this limited collection of 100 unique Shakti Tiger NFTs.

A gateway into a new world of banking

Shakti Tigers holds the key to a new world of banking that XREX is building together with banks, regulators, and users. As our user base expands and our market grows, we are delighted to serve more businesses and individuals with our revolutionary blockchain-driven solutions, including XREX crypto-fiat exchange, online escrow payment service BitCheck, crypto staking feature Earn, enhanced security through our Risk Level Detector, and many more.

XREX serves users with advanced technologies from blockchain to crypto to NFTs, and more. We are delighted to welcome the web3 world together with pioneers from around the world.

Shakti Tigers is just the beginning. We will continue to deliver on our commitment to offering the most secure, fast, and low-cost banking services to everyone.

A new collective financial system is rising which empowers all to participate and contribute to the global economy; join us in redefining banking together.


Shakti Tigers are verifiable on the blockchain. The collection is available for viewing on OpenSea: https://opensea.io/collection/shakti-tigers

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