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XREX Explains: What is Staking? How to Stake and Earn Daily Rewards in USDT?

Is there a way to generate stable earnings in the crypto world? If you don’t have time to check the price of cryptocurrencies, how to passively participate in crypto markets and make reasonable profits? If you just start investing in crypto, is there a relatively low-risk option to sit out rough market conditions? If you are a long-term investor and continue to hold your crypto assets, how to put your crypto assets to work while holding them? “Stake and earn rewards” is the best answer if you have these questions in mind.

In this article and the video attached, We brought a talk session with Fred Lai and Krishnendu Chatterjee from XREX, who guide you through the basic concept of staking and how you can easily get started with staking USDT and earn recurring rewards every day on the XREX platform. Watch the video below and feel free to share your thoughts with us!

Below are key takeaways in Fred and Krish’s introduction about XREX Earn and the staking project XREX rewards, which helps you earn daily rewards and avoid price fluctuation.

➤ What is staking?

Staking is a way of earning rewards for holding certain cryptocurrencies.

➤ What is XREX Earn?

XREX is a product feature on the XREX platform. You can stake your USDT and earn daily rewards with two project options: XREX Rewards and DeFi staking. XREX Rewards is a CeFi staking project, which allows you to stake USDT directly with XREX and earn month-to-month fixed reward rates. DeFi staking offers day-to-day reward rates and XREX acts as a gateway providing you a simple and friendly access to participate in DeFi projects. Currently, you can only stake USDT on both XREX Rewards and DeFi Staking, however, the XREX team is working on adding more options. Stay tuned for more!

➤ Who is suitable for staking?

Anybody is suitable for staking as long as you have USDT in your wallet and you want to stake it to generate recurring rewards. It is particularly suitable for merchants and businesses. They can stake and earn rewards before making payments to their suppliers. It’s also a good option for crypto novices as USDT is always pegged with USD and the exchange rate is always 1:1. It means staking USDT can generate recurring daily rewards without dramatic price fluctuation.

➤What is XREX Rewards?

XREX Rewards is a staking project on XREX. You can stake USDT and receive daily rewards on month-to-month fixed reward rates. Staking rewards are distributed daily and will be directly sent to your wallet. The reward is determined by the XREX team carefully dealing in delta neutral trading where XREX hedges positions between spot and perpetual market.

The Annual Percentage Rate (APR) for each month is announced on the 1st day of that month and is then locked for that month. This is relatively rare in the crypto market as the APR for the whole month is promised on the first day of the month and you can still redeem their staked USDT anytime without fees.

➤How to redeem your staked assets?

You can redeem your staked assets anytime you want. The unstaked amount will be in your wallet within 24 hours. For XREX Rewards, there is no redemption fee; for DeFi Staking, the network will charge 10 USDT fixed fee for each redemption request.

➤Is there a minimum sum to participate in the stake?

You can start staking with just 10 USDT. One person at a time can do a maximum of 10 million USDT, and an XREX Club can do a maximum of 20 million USDT. This cap is set on purpose to make sure it’s fair for everyone who wants to stake USDT can have an equal opportunity to participate.

➤What is DeFi Staking on the XREX platform?

XREX acts as a portal that helps users to participate in DeFi easily and conveniently. You don’t need to manage private keys, acquire resources, make trades, or perform other complicated tasks to participate in DeFi Staking. XREX’s one-stop offering allows you to generate rewards without having to keep an on-chain wallet.

About XREX

XREX is a neo fintech leveling the playing field by partnering with banks, regulators, and verified individuals to redefine banking together. Our blockchain-driven solutions create a collective financial system that empowers all to participate and contribute to the global economy.

Founded in 2018 and headquartered in Taipei, XREX comprises a team of world-leading experts in cybersecurity, fintech, compliance, and cryptocurrency to offer a full suite of innovative products such as 數位支票 BitCheck, XREX 俱樂部, and Risk Level Detector to solve the dollar-liquidity shortage issues faced by cross-border merchants in emerging economies.

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