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XREX Circles: Trade Together, and Earn Money

We are thrilled to introduce XREX Circles, a brand new social trading experience that will help you connect with more people, expand your network, and grow your business. Crypto trading is no longer a purely personal experience, but powered by a community with a lot of fun!

Join one or multiple XREX Circles now, trade together, and earn money! The higher the accumulated trading volume by you and your Circle members each month, the lower the trading fees. Of course, you can also create a Circle of your own and invite friends to trade together.

XREX Circles: Trade Together, and Earn Money

What Are The Benefits of XREX Circles?

XREX Circles is a new feature that enables you to connect with others and accumulate your trading volumes together. The XREX trading fee discount level is based on your 30-day

accumulated trading volume. The bigger the Circle, the larger the trading volume, and the lower your trading fees.

Let’s start exploring XREX Circles!

Join XREX Circles by Invitation

If your friends, business partners, or family members are Circle owners, or they have joined Circles, they can directly send you a referral code with a link. When you click the link and enter your XREX registration email, a request will be sent to join that Circle.

If you haven’t registered with XREX, don’t worry, the link will bring you to the place where you can download the XREX app. After completing registration, the Circle you are referred to will be listed directly under the Requested category. To check your Circles status and detailed information, please go to Settings and press Fee discount; you can see XREX Circles that you’ve joined and/or requested to join. More detailed information, including discount level, percentage of trading fees, and 30-days accumulated trading volume are displayed here.

XREX Circles: Trade Together, and Earn Money — discount level

XREX Circles is launched together with the Prayagraj release which merges the XREX and Tradn apps. Prayagraj, also known as Allahabad, is an Indian city in Uttar Pradesh where the sacred rivers Ganges and Yamuna merge. We are humbled to inherit the spirit of unity from Prayagraj.

To learn more about the Prayagraj release, please visit https://links.xrex.io/the-prayagraj-release.

By merging the XREX and Tradn apps, we have also converted the retired product feature MyXchange into XREX Circles, which will continue the spirit of MyXchange but provide better profit, stronger community power, social interaction, and recurring revenues.

We are now at phase one of XREX Circles. You can expect more to come. We really appreciate pioneers like you who joined our path from the beginning. We are committed to bringing a better version and the most secure trading experience.

Join XREX Circles by Request

Log in to the XREX app: Go to Contacts and press the profile card of each of your contacts. If they own a Circle, you can directly see it. If you want to join that Circle, press Join to request. After the Circle owner confirms, congratulations! You are officially a Circle member! Enjoy trading and earning money together!

XREX Circles: Trade Together, and Earn Money — circle

Create an XREX Circle

At the current stage, you can only create an XREX Circle on the XREX web version. Log in on app.xrex.io/circles to start creating a Circle. You can name your Circle, invite people to join, and manage your Circle by our dashboard, where you can see who has joined and who has requested to join. And when you create a Circle, your past 30-day personal trading volume will be automatically migrated into your Circle.

Please note that once you create your own Circle, you will no longer be able to join other Circles. And you can’t disable your Circles, either. This means you can either be a Circle owner or join one or multiple Circles.

Invite People to Join My Circle

After creating your Circle, you can invite people to join. Just log in on app.xrex.io/circles and click INVITE USER. You can invite new users or current XREX users. The more accumulated trading volume of your Circle, the lower the trading fees!

Refer Circles I’ve Joined to My Friends

Invite your friends to join the same Circles and become your Circle members! Together you can increase accumulated trading volume and reduce trading fees. That’s the power of community!

Go to Settings and press Referrals, where you can select the Circles that you want your friends to join. Create referral codes and share them with friends. When your referees click the referral link you send, they will automatically request to join the Circles you shared with them.

XREX Circles: Trade Together, and Earn Money — refferals

We are committed to bringing a better experience and building socially-enabled inclusive financial access. XREX Circles provide a whole new trading experience. We hope you enjoy trading and earning money with your Circle members.

Happy Trading with XREX!


Please note that XREX is a fin-tech company aiming to comply with all regulations relevant to our services. The type and scope of services provided might be different depending on the jurisdiction where you are located, and the relevant regulations for that jurisdiction.

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