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Building A Pleasurable And Enjoyable Product Experience on XREX

We are overwhelmed by the positive feedback on the overall product experience from our users after we rolled out our latest release on 24 Feb 2022. One major improvement that our users enjoy is the new load time and app speed. We appreciate all the kind words; we understand there is no end to improving the user experience. We are committed to delivering a better experience with each new release.

A Good Product Experience is Part of Financial Inclusion

Since XREX started its journey in 2018, the XREX product team has tried its best to deliver a pleasurable and enjoyable product experience to users worldwide. We are happy that with the latest release, we’ve significantly improved the performance of our product and users can easily notice the difference in speed, interface design, and overall performance while making transactions on the XREX platform.

“We are proud of the new release, and also humbled by the work that lies ahead,” said Amanda Tsao, VP of Product Experience at XREX. After the February optimization of speed and performance, the XREX homepage on both web and app versions will have a brand new design in March. The intuitive design will further streamline the product, making it simple and easy to access all services on the XREX platform.

As a neo-fintech, XREX aims to build a positive, enjoyable, and learning experience for the masses. “Our mission is to level the playing field and drive financial inclusion; a good product experience is part of financial inclusion,” added Tsao. “Crypto products should not be built just for crypto-savvy tech elites, leaving the rest of the population scared, stressful, and self-deprecating when they access crypto-related services.”

React Native on XREX

Thanks to the integration of React Native, a UI software framework created by Meta Platforms, the performance of the XREX platform in this release is significantly optimized. React Native is not new, but shifting from one framework to another and re-developing the entire product is not an easy task at all.

XREX Product performance after and before the integration of React Native.
XREX Product performance after and before the integration of React Native.

“It took us around six months to integrate React Native because we had to maintain and upgrade the existing framework as well,” said Vince Huang, Senior VP of Engineering at XREX. “Only companies looking for a long-term, sustainable, and trustworthy development of products and services would spend this amount of human resources and time to shift the entire developmental framework. It’s a statement that demonstrates our commitment to our users.”

React Native also accelerates XREX’s product development. “Our iteration speed will be much faster and we are excited to be active in the community of React Native developers,” said Jason Tseng, XREX Principal Frontend engineer.

What’s Next?

In the weeks to come, XREX will launch a new homepage on both the XREX app and web versions, add USDT Defi staking feature Earn, and list four more tokens. We are focusing on creating a collective financial system where users can securely interact and transact with each other. The social community will be our major element to feature in our pipeline. Stay tuned!

“There remains a lot of work ahead of us to better serve our users in India, Africa, South America, the Middle East, and other emerging economies,” said Tsao. “We want to bring them a social experience for cross-border transactions and crypto trading. We promise and deliver.”

Let’s redefine banking together!


Founded in 2018 and headquartered in Taipei, XREX comprises a team of world-leading experts in cybersecurity, fintech, compliance, and cryptocurrency to offer a full suite of innovative products such as BitCheckXREX Circles, and Risk Level Detector, to solve the dollar-liquidity shortage issues faced by cross-border merchants in emerging economies. Connect with us on DiscordTelegramTwitterFacebook, and LinkedIn.

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